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Toric Lenses – A change to cope with Astigmatism

Have you ever wondered about the types of corrective or contact lenses available in the market? True, you may be aware that there are regular contact lenses as well as daily disposable lenses. But perhaps may not be aware that there are specialized contact lenses used by people who have some sort of problems or ailments, including astigmatism.

There are specialized contacts or corrective soft lenses called toric lenses that are available both as soft or as regular lenses. They have a special design and two special powers in them. True they are created with the normal two curvatures at different angles – one specifically for astigmatism and the other for near or far sight called myopia or hyperemia. Toric lenses have an additional feature that they are very stable and even if the wearer blinks around, his or her vision does not suffer because of correctional lenses.

True, normally toric lenses are not available as daily disposables or as frequent replacement lenses that are multi-focal or are available in multicolor varieties. With advancements in technology and recent research, toric lenses now offer unbelievable variety and whatever was considered impossible some 10 years ago is now possible in the soft lens technology.

So toric lenses can give you options, variety and also the flexibility.

Though there has been significant advancement in research and market availability of toric lenses, they need better expertise and handling than normal soft lenses or contact lenses, as they are specialized corrective lenses for those with astigmatism. Certainly toric lenses are more expensive than the normal soft or contact lenses.

Eye specialists will recommend that those with minor or smaller astigmatism could wear regular spherical RGP or spherical contact or soft lenses Now-a-days there are lenses available in the market that can help in reducing the spherical aberration that may co-exist as astigmatism with myopia or hyperopia.

Now toric lenses offer a wide variety. They are available as disposables, in color and also with multi-focal choices. So Toric lenses can be frequently replaceable or disposable and also you can go for toric durable soft lenses.

Since spice is the color of life, Toric lenses are available in different colors. Deepening upon your choice, you can wear different color soft toric lenses on different days so as to add up to your beauty or physical features making you distinguishable each day because of the color of your eyes. You also have available to you multi-focal toric lenses and are normally durables that can last for a while. So torics have come to stay for those who have astigmatism without denying them the opportunity to look normal and different on different occasions.